Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story

Available in paperback and audio book

by Audrey Parente

Contains bonus interview excerpts
with Argosy-author Theodore Roscoe

For nearly a decade, Theodore Roscoe filled the pages of Argosy and Adventure with tales of high adventure andexotic locales. Equally exotic were characters like Foreign Legionnaire Thibaut Corday, and the various characters drifting across the globe in search of treasure and fortune.

Audrey Parente interviewed the venerable pulp writer over the course of several years in the 1980s. Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story is the result of hundreds of hours spent reading stories, manuscripts and correspondence, and several visits to New York City scouring through agent's archives. Pulp Master is a complete profile of a talented author and a spoken photograph of the pulp magazine industry of the 1930s.

  • Four-and-one-half hours of audio, read by Audrey Parente.
  • 15-minutes of exclusive interview tracks with Theodore Roscoe.
  • Additional flash-storage space.
  • Two original musical pieces -- Roscoe's Score and Caravan du Corday -- created by Peter Parente at Pumpkin Eater Productions, a professional recording studio in South Florida.

Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story
$19.95 plus shipping

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