Pulp Adventures #15

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente

Fall 2014
Stories include:
"Fury In Vermont" by Ron Fortier
The stunningly seductive adventuress Kate Fury in a fight to the death against zombies!
"Toothpick" by C.J. Henderson
Jack Hagee, private eye, hunts a vicious serial killer -- until the hunter becomes the hunted.
"Blondes Make Mistakes" by Robert Leslie Bellem.
A smart-mouth private gumshoe stifles his wisecracks with the help of a beautiful blonde's lips.
"Web of Smoke" by G.T. Fleming Roberts
A modern day Ozymandeous boasts of his achievements, until he realizes that the young up-and-comers have a target on his back.
"Werwile of the Crystal Crypt" by Gardner F. Fox,
An opera of time-and-space.
Original pulp illustrations, plus new illustrations by Ed Coutts. Classic cover by Norman Saunders, courtesy of the artist's estate.