Pulpdom Online #21

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8.5" x 11" stapled

Bold Venture Press has a limited supply of Pulpdom Online #21 for sale, published by Camille Cazedessus.

New Fiction format debuts!

"KASPA and the Lion Goddess" by Mike Taylor.

Lion Man rescues Lion Goddess! An original short story, the beginning of an adventure that will take them into lost TIRAMBITAR a land beyond Africa's Great Rift Valley, a new dimension far from Africa.

Also: A pulp fiction classic!

"The Yardarm Swing" by H. Bedford-Jones

The exciting conclusion to a June 1937 Argosy serial documenting the old days on the high seas!


Mike Taylor's review of James Cawthorne: The Man and His Art written and compiled by Maureen Cawthorne, with an accompanying letter from James Cawthorne to Pulpdom publisher Camille Cazedessus.

Stapled, color cover by Jorsak, 50 pages.