Six volumes of America's first masked hero!

At long last, the complete original adventures of Zorro by Johnston McCulley — reprinted in their entirety, collected in a series for the first time! In old Spanish California, Don Diego Vega, a wealthy and languid caballero by day, defends the oppressed as the masked Zorro — the Fox — by night. Six big volumes with all the fun, adventure and romance that made Zorro one of the most popular characters in the world.

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Zorro #1
The Mark of Zorro
and other stories

Zorro #2
The Further Adventures of Zorro
and other stories

Zorro #3
Zorro Rides Again
and other stories

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Zorro #4
The Sign of Zorro
and other stories

Zorro #5
A Task For Zorro
and other stories

Zorro #6
Zorro's Fight For Life
and other stories